What is Bamboo Clothing?

What is Bamboo Clothing?

We’re all used to natural fibres like cotton, nylon and polyester. But what about bamboo clothing?

Bamboo Clothing

In recent years, as we all try to be a little greener and help save the planet, many of us have been looking to sustainable fashion. We want the comfort and style of traditional materials but we also want to do our bit to save the planet.

Here we take a closer look at what bamboo clothing is and why we should add it to our shopping carts, whether buying gym wear or that special outfit for work or a night out.

How is Bamboo Clothing Made?

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo isn’t wood but grass. It’s also one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. Why is this important? It means that bamboo is very sustainable, not least because it can grow in practically any soil and doesn’t require high levels of management.

Bamboo is used in construction, for making furniture and toys, kitchen tools such as chopping boards, and a whole variety of products we use in daily life.

There are two main ways to make clothing material out of bamboo. The first is to comb the fibres from the bamboo and weave it into fairly rough linen. The second is to use a chemical called rayon that the bamboo is soaked in to produce a pulp. This is then spun into a very soft material that is suitable for clothing and has a silky feel.

In more recent times a lyocell process has been used to create clothes which are more eco-friendly with the soaking chemical recycled up to 99%.

6 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

1. Bamboo is a soft and comfortable fabric that has a good amount of give.
2. It provides UV protection so is great for clothing if you are heading out to sunnier climates.
3. It has anti-allergenic properties and is kind to the skin. Unlike materials such as nylon or polyester, it’s also anti-static.
4. Bamboo fabric is great at absorbing moisture so it'brilliant for sportswear of all kinds including shorts, shirts and hoodies.
5. Bamboo fashions are breathable and will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
6. It’s also one of the most sustainable raw products on the planet making it a great, eco-friendly choice.

Bamboo Clothing is Sustainable Fashion

It’s worth taking a closer look at the sustainability of bamboo clothing in greater detail because it makes a huge difference to why you should buy products made from this material.

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can be planted almost anywhere. It can be farmed and the crop replaced in a relatively short time compared to other plants used for clothing.

Bamboo can grow quickly with only rainwater and doesn’t need any additional watering, something which saves on resources.
It grows fast and provides a much bigger yield. It can produce the same amount of material as cotton but on just 10% of the land.
Bamboo requires little to take care of it in the wild and certainly doesn’t need any pesticides or fertiliser.
It is the fastest-growing plant used for manufacture in the world and is great for the soil – bamboo is cut rather than uprooted and replaced which makes it much more sustainable.

If you are looking for sustainable fashion that is as soft and comfortable as cotton and comes with some pretty strong eco-friendly credentials, then it’s well worth considering bamboo clothing in the future.

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