An eco friendly clothing alternative to fast fashion

An eco friendly clothing alternative to fast fashion

In these times of fast-fashion, when buying clothes is literally considered “retail therapy”, there are only a few who consider eco friendly clothing and are conscious about the environmental impact of their fashion choices. How many of us actually think about whether our favourite brands have been procuring their materials responsibly and ethically?

You have a choice, choose eco clothing.

While the awareness about responsible fashion has largely been on the rise, there are still many who would rather stay blissfully unaware of the situation. Fast fashion comes at a great cost to the environment and the social ecology of the societies involved in the manufacturing processes related to fast fashion. Gymboo only offer products that are made mainly from sustainable natural materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, or regenerated and recycled fabrics. Our wide range of men’s and women’s sportswear and apparel give you an ethical alternative to fast fashion. Fast fashion is cheap but it causes irreversible damage to the ecology.

At the core of all our endeavours is our belief in the moral imperative to create sustainable and eco-friendly fashion that helps conserve and protect the environment while keeping up with the latest trends in the fashion industry. Our range of sustainable women’s clothing and sports-wear is in keeping with the latest trends. By making responsible fashion choices you are doing your bit to contribute towards a better environment for the future generations.

Eco friendly fashion.

Every small action can go a long way in conserving our environment and in reducing our carbon footprint. Responsible fashion is the way to go about fashion in the future. Making sustainable fashion choices gives you the satisfaction of doing your bit for mother Earth while looking your best. We currently offer a range of T shirts, Hoodies, Headgear and gym bags to help you look your best while making an ethical fashion choice, and there are more products on the way! Oh, and last but no way least, we also plant trees around the world!