5 Reasons to Buy Sustainable Fashion

5 Reasons to Buy Sustainable Fashion

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In recent research, more than half of people felt that the fashion industry needed to be more sustainable in its approach.

Worth over $1.5 trillion per year, and employing over 75 million people worldwide, consumer demand has meant that less eco-friendly practices have been employed more often than not.

In short, the fashion industry is one of the worst contributors to climate change, poor working practices and resource-intensive practices all of which are seriously damaging our planet.

As consumers, we have a responsibility to help change this and there’s plenty that we can do.

Buying sustainable fashion has never been easier.

If we all do it, we can help change the landscape and move it in the right direction.

1. Save Natural Resources

You would think in a world where recycling is such a big thing that the fashion industry would be saving on natural resources. The truth is that more than 90% of materials used in creating clothes are new and using them (everything from fertiliser for growing cotton to oil for creating synthetic fibres) causes a drain on resources.

Sustainable fashion uses fewer ‘virgin’ resources or focuses on ones such as bamboo that are easily replaceable and highlyeco-friendly.

2. Cut Carbon Emissions

There’s no doubt that the fashion industry contributes a large amount to the carbon emissions that are involved in global warming. For a start, materials such as polyester and nylon are fossil fuel-based. Much more energy is also required to create synthetic products which all add to the amount of carbon that is being released into the environment.

Using recycled fabrics and natural materials means that sustainable brands have a much lower impact, added to which,many of their products are biodegradable.

3. Drive Change in the Fashion Industry

One reason for changing to sustainable fashion is to help drive more change in the industry. Unfortunately, despite their obligations, a lot of manufacturers and brands are not going to have a change of heart unless the consumer stops buying their products.

While it can be difficult to source the sustainable brands you want, doing so can make a big difference. We all need to take responsibility.

4. Fair Working Conditions

It isn’t just about using more natural and easily replaceable products that have less impact on the environment. In recent years, we’ve become used to hearing stories of low paid workers in third world countries who are working long hours to deliver our shirts and skirts, shorts and shoes here in the more affluent West.

Sustainable clothing is also about fair working conditions – no child labour or long hours for low pay.

5. Less Water

Water may not be the first thing that you think about when it comes to manufacturing sustainably. The truth is that the world’s water resources are likely to be stretched over the next couple of decades as populations grow and supply doesn’tkeep up with demand. The fashion industry uses an incredible amount of water to produce garments for the mass population. This is a huge drain on resources and something that needs to change.

Sustainable fashion brands, however, can reduce water consumption by as much as 90% by using natural and recycled materials.

The greater number of people that opt for sustainable fashion, the quicker things are likely to change. The impact on the industry as a whole is more devastating than many of us realise. If you want to make a difference, think sustainability first. Even as a lone individual, you can contribute to changing the industry and saving the planet.

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